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Raccoon Mountain Time Trail Series, Starting July 7th

22 June 2010 9 Comments


The Diamondback

Raccoon Mountain Time Trial Race Series

Raccoon Mountain Trails Network

Laurel Point Area

Wednesdays 6:30 p.m.

The Diamondback Raccoon Mountain Time Trial Races Series is a three event time trial series held at Raccoon Mountain, hosted by SORBA-Chattanooga. Racers will be able to race the course twice each night, the best time being recorded for each evening’s results. Medals will be awarded for the first place winner of the series, in each category. All proceeds benefit SORBA-Chattanooga’s Raccoon Mountain Trail Fund and used to build maintain the trails on Raccoon Mountain.

Race Dates

July 7, 14, 21

In the event any race is canceled due to poor weather, it will be made up on a subsequent Wednesday(s).


Beginner | Sport/Expert

Men 29 and under Men 29 and under

Men 30 an over Men 30 and over

Women 29 and under Women 29 and under

Women 30 and over Women 30 and over

Clysdale Athena


$7 per race (or $18 for the entire 3 race series if paid prior to or at the first race). Due to insurance requirements, every racer must be a IMBA/SORBA member to participate. You can purchase a IMBA/SORBA membership online by clicking here. (Make sure you select the Chattanooga Chapter.) Membership applications will also be available at each race. If you wish to register in advance, and avoid all of the race days madness, you can pay the entry fee via PayPal’s secure on line payment center.

Basic Rules & Scoring Information

Registration Options

You must be a current SORBA member to participate in this series. Memberships will be available on-site at all events. Registration Begins at 6 p.m., Racing starts at 6:30 p.m. Each rider can complete up to two timed laps per evening. The best time is recorded for each evening’s results. You will earn points for placing in each week’s Time Trial Series event that you enter and complete. Your points for each event will be added up for Overall Series Awards. Points will be earned according to the following schedule:

Schedule of Points for Finish Positions

Place Points Place Points
1st 60 11th 20
2nd 54 12th 18
3rd 48 13th 16
4th 42 14th 14
5th 38 15th 12
6th 34 16th 10
7th 30 17th 8
8th 26 18th 6
9th 24 19th 4
10th 22 20th 2

The best two event points will be totaled for consideration for the series. In the case of a tie in points in any category, the tiebreaker is who beat who the most. Riders must enter and race in the correct age category. Your racing age for the entire year is the age that you will be on December 31, of the current year.



  • Stephen said:

    arggg, right at the same time as SERC#9 race at Raccoon?? would have enjoyed them being further apart but can’t please everyone I suppose.

  • cathi said:

    what’s the course?

  • schaarschmidt (author) said:

    The course will be approximately 5 to 5.5 miles long, and will be held on the trails in the Laurel Point area. I will attempt to post a map in the next few days.

  • John Gray said:

    According to the map the course is ridden on the Electric Ave, Laurel Point and River Gorge trail. The description of the course doesnt follow the arrows on the map. The map shows counter-clockwise on Laurel Point and Electric Ave and Clockwise on River Gorge. Will the course be a figure 8 riding on the Electric Ave section twice?

  • schaarschmidt (author) said:

    John, I just noticed a typo on the route description. It should read that you turn LEFT on the River Gorge Trail the first time. This will create a figure eight style course with the traffic running the same direction on the Electric Avenue Trail. Sorry for any confusion, hope to see you there.

  • Stewart Phillips said:

    The first race was great. Thanks to all the volunteers who made it happen. I appreciate it!

  • Foye said:

    good times last night… thanks to all of those that made it happen!

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