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Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day-5-Points

8 October 2012 No Comment

It was a wet and dreary morning, but that didn’t stop some brave kids from shredding 5-Points like seasoned riders. We had kids from 5 to 15 show up at 5-Points for Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day and everyone left with a big grin on their face. The organizers tempered their expectations for the ride, but the kids blew us away. They were energetic, fast, and enthusiastic. These are our future mountain bikers, future trail builders, and future trail advocates; so we need to nurture them now. If you’re frustrated that you missed it, don’t be. You don’t need a fancy holiday to take a kid mountain biking. All you need is a couple bikes, some sweet singletrack, and some enthusiasm and you can create you’re own Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day. So grab you’re young’un and forge on. After all, it’s never too early to start.

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